This is what 4th of July is really about. When Gaga and Beyonce posioned all those people in that restaurant for our freedom to dance. Let us never forget.
  • employee: welcome to chipotle what can I get you?
  • me: burrito please.
  • employee: white or brown rice?
  • me: white please.
  • employee: what kind of meat?
  • me: chicken.
  • employee: you said brown rice?
  • me: white rice.
  • employee: my bad. white rice. what kind of meat?

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Don’t get distracted. Life is music and dancing in the kitchen and sweet watermelon in a yellow bowl and a dragonfly on your thigh and a faint sense that you’ve lived once or twice before and that breathing feels like a thing you’ve done for centuries.

Don’t forget these things. Everything else is details.

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hey mom my friends are here, ill be back later